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How do you play super-accept of transfers?

Super accept of transfers

For many players:   When partner transfers, if they have a maximum NT and 3 or 4 trumps, they bid the transfer suit on the 3 level.  Without discussion, this is what I’d assume partner was doing if the auction went:

1N     – p    –    2D!     – p

Alternative method

Here is a method that my regular partner and I have found works.  It is not the most common, nor the best known system, but it does the job.  If you decide to play this method, you MUST discuss it with partner and both agree that it is what you will use.

When partner transfers:

1N     – p    –    2D!     – p

With a MINIMUM hand and 4 trumps, we jump to 3 of the agreed suit. (In the auction above, holding  S-A5  H-K1093  D-KQ65  C-QJ3, it would continue:

1N     – p    –    2D!     – p

With a MAXIMUM hand and 4 trumps, we would bid a useful doubleton if we had it or 2N if we didn’t.  What is a useful doubleton?  Ax, Kx, xx or even Jx.  Something where our side could find ruffing values in the SHORT side and our HCP are unlikely to be wasted.  Holding S-A5  H-K1093  D-AQ65  C-KJ3, our auction would continue:

1N     – p    –    2D!     – p

After this, if partner is on some sort of middle hand (7-8 HCP) he can evaluate whether what we told him is useful and either bid game or pass.  With more than the values for game, he could start a Q-bidding sequence, ask for aces or just bid game depending on how he thought the cards were fitting together.

Now, I know the question burning in your mind is:  Why jump with a minimum? After all, partner might have ZERO HCP!  And that is the point, really.  If you have 15 and partner has zero, then the opponents have 25 HCP, a likely fit and shortness in your suits (which gives them a higher working HCP value).   Wouldn’t you just love to see them flounder at the 3 or 4 level, trying to find their fit???