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A player emailed and said, “I don’t think my scores were correct . . . how do I check them?  . . . And how would I do it at a tournament? click to see


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At a recent Saturday game, there were some interesting hands.

1.    Partner opens 1N (15-17) and you hold
S-       H-AQJ109xx     D-x     C-KQxxx.
Your bid!

2.    In first seat you pick up the following:
S-A32  H-J1064     D-A98654     C-v-
You decide (wisely, I think) to pass, LHO passes and partner opens 2C.  In your methods, a positive response would promise two of the top three honors in the suit you bid, so you content yourself with 2D.  Partner now bids 2H.  What should you be thinking about and what do you bid?

When is 1N NOT forcing when you play 2/1?   We decided to play 2/1 and had some questions about the 1N response when opponents interfere.

How do you play super-accept of transfers?  

Partner opened 1N and we got lost along the way! HELP!   I transferred and then made (what I thought was) a quantitative raise.  Who was right?

Michaels bid  What happens after you have made a Michaels bid?

Reverses  What is a reverse?  How can I tell if partner bid a reverse?  What should I do next?

Freakish distribution When is it worth a reverse?  How come we didn’t get to slam?