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Duplicate boards

In duplicate bridge, the hands are distributed on the first round (they are either dealt out or arranged using a hand diagram supplied by the director) and put into a duplicate board.  On a duplicate board, there is a slot to store the cards for each of the players — North, South, East and West.  When you are ready to play the hand, you take out the cards in the slot in front of you. In the diagram on the right, East has taken his cards out.  There are several important things to note about the board.  Each board has something that indicates:

Direction (Arrow pointing to north.) 

Slots for four hands

Vulnerability (here North-South are vulnerable (signaled by the red and East-West are non-vulnerable)

Board number (This is  board 28) 

Dealer (On this board, West is the dealer.) 

At the end of the hand, each player gathers the thirteen cards in front of himself and replaces it in the duplicate board.  At the end of the round, the board is passed to the next table.

Bid boxes

The bidding is the same but usually players use bid boxes.  Most players aren’t thrilled the first few times they use a bid box. “Why can’t we just SAY our bid?”  they protest.  When you use a bid box, there are two compartments:  One is for bids (remember, a bid is a level — one thru seven — and a denomination — clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, notrump.), the other section is for calls (pass, double and redouble).  Invariably, they want to grab just the bid they are trying to make. The best way to use a bid box is to pinch the bid and all the bids behind it and then place the pile on the table facing your partner. 

Play of the cards

Instead of tossing cards into the center, each player places his played cards face down in front of himself, near the edge of the table.  The direction that the card is pointing indicates who has won the trick.  If you won the trick, the card points toward you.  If you lost the trick, the card points toward the opponents.  In the picture, the opponents won the first two tricks and then you won one trick..  : 

Traveler score

At the end of the hand, the North player takes out the traveler score sheet and writes the contract and result.  

Pickup slips

Sometimes, the score is posted to pickup slips.  The North player writes the contract and result. At the end of the round, a caddy (or the director) will pick up the slips.