Great games coming up!

what do you bid?

In first seat you pick up the following:
S-A32  H-J1064     D-A98654     C-v-
You decide (wisely, I think) to pass, LHO passes and partner opens 2C.  In your methods, a positive response would promise two of the top three honors in the suit you bid, so you content yourself with 2D.  Partner now bids 2H.  What should you be thinking about and what do you bid?

What should you be thinking about?  The likelihood is high there is at least a small slam on this hand and the question is, what is probably the best way to get to a grand slam if it is there. But what you should REALLY be thinking about is:  Why aren’t I playing in this wild Saturday game?

What should you bid?  Your next bid should be 3H. The first thing you want to do is show partner support in a FORCING auction.   Using the principle of fast arrival,  4H would be a closeout so any bids other than a second negative should be interpreted as positive.

The auction will now proceed:

P         P        2C        P
2D!     P        2H        P
3H      P        4C*       P  (denies the ace of spades, shows the ace of clubs)
4D*    P                          (shows your ace of diamonds)
4S        P   (shows willingness to pass game, second round control in spades)
5C*    P                          (second round control in clubs)
7H             (I heard all I needed to hear)

The two hands:

S-A32  H-J1064     D-A98654     C-v-

S-v-  H-AKQ872     D-KQ32     C-AQ2

Actually, the best contract with these two hands is:  7N!

You have 6 heart tricks, 6 diamond tricks and two black aces.

Any thoughts on how to get there??